We are here for humanity!

The Shop for Health Foundation helps people whoever and wherever they are. We are part of a global volunteer movement. We help people affected by illness and diseases, conflicts, national disasters, insurgencies and individual emergencies in Nigeria and around the world.

Free Physiotherapy

We offer free Physiotherapy; We count any persons with health issues as ‘’Shop for Health Community’’ we treat them with the latest technology using ‘’Far Infrared Spectrum Energy Room or Bucket’’ to reverse any kind of illness using Far Infrared Therapy for; Stroke, Arthritis, Fibroid, BP, Diabetes, Kidney Diseases, Liver Diseases, Short Sight, Rheumatism, and Veineral Diseases.

We work in collaboration with the ‘’Institute of Neurological Recovery’’ from America to discover people with Stroke to use ‘’Perispinal Etanercept’’ injection to reverse normality in stroke therapy and recovery within a minutes.


Let's work together

Shop for Health Foundation donation collection centres provided 24/7 collection centres across the country through our community members or volunteers that are dedicated to the services for humanity.

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